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Submitted on
May 7, 2012


1 (who?)
I got tagged by :iconsilentkinsmenda:

1) post who you got tagged by in your journal
2) post your questions and answers in your journal
3) post who have tagged in your journal
5) you have to legitly tag someone
6) Tag at least 3 people


1) How many OC's do you have?
(A) Too many to count @.@'

2) who is the character you use most in RP's?
(A) I don't RP x3

3) what is your favorite kind of cake/pie?

4) what is your OC's favorite food?
Derek's favorite food is Sushi and apples x3

5) can you answer the questions that follow as your OC, please?
(A) Derek: Okay o.o

6) what's your name?
(A) Derek: ehm, Derek?

7) what kind of animal are you?
(A) Derek: I'm a hedgehog with electric powers. I'm kind of laid back though~~

8) what is your favorite food?
(A) Derek: That's really none of your bussiness now is it?

9) If Lady Hydra emerged from a lake that you were drinking out of, what would you do/ how would you react?
(A) Derek: Why would I be drinking out of a lake? õ.o

10) how many battles have you been in?
(A) A few. I try to stay out of fights as much as possible.

11) if Lady Hydra offered you a free ride across a large body of water, would you accept?
(A) Derek: I don't trust strangers. And electricity and water isn't a very great combination either.

12) If you had to pay Lady Hydra for rescuing you, how would you pay her?
(A) Derek: I'd offer her protection in the future, along with great gratitude

13) if Quickstrike was about to eat you, what would your last words be?
(A) Derek: I tried my best, and couldn't have done anything to change this fate.
14) ready for the questions to end?
(A) Derek: I suppose, although I quite enjoyed this

15) your questions are done! thank you for answering! can you put whoever you belong to back on?
(A) Derek: Sure

16) who are you gonna tag next? :3
Tagging...neeeeh, being lazy FTW XD
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:icondragonlaughplz: this made me laugh! :icondragonkekeplz: thanks for answering these set of questions I made! :D I'm gonna make more of these!
No problem:icononionx3plz: It was fun xD
I'm glad it was! :D
SilentKinsmenDA May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Coraline: hey Derek you cant pay her like that you have to pay her by singin to her tell her a poem about her or give her a hand full of gold
Derek: I don't do such nonsense. I would love to offer her gold or any other sort of payment, but considering that I currently don't live anywhere and don't have anything of value to offer her, my gratitude and protection is the only thing I have for her

SilentKinsmenDA May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Coraline: singing is not nonsense once you know how to sing it's really fun
Derek: Well, I've never really sung before..Especially not infront of anyone else. And I usually keep distance from others. But I can see why you like it. Music seems to bring joy to many.
Lady Hydra: *appearing right behind Derek, as Coraline and him are having their convo* It truly does! :) and I guess you could pay me by protection, but I really don't need it, since no one even thinks about trying to attack me... :icondragonkekeplz:
Derek: Glad to hear that. And I apologize, I wish I had more to offer you:iconkikuplz:
Lady Hydra: *smiles warmly* at least your offering your best, right?
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